Firstly, don’t stress about not having had sex, it happens for everyone at different times, yours will come, and will be all the better for you having this time to learn what you like, how your body works and to be a better lover because of it. However I do love the fact you’re using it as a twisted tool for teasing yourself…

Try looking up cream pie compilations, ( is good for amateur stuff) guy after guy finishing in some lucky girl who gets to be fucked and knows what a cock feels like, buried inside her, taking pleasure in her, fulfilling that deep longing, and that cum, that thick hot cum spurting deep inside her, filling her up until it oozes out of her.

And then ruin your orgasm because it’s not you. And only girls who are fucked are allowed to cum.

But only one ruin a week for you, princess. That’s all your virgin cunt is allowed, the rest of the time I want you left horny and desperate for cock, because that’s what you need.

Good girl.

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