In my experience extended ‘no touch’ which is basically what most call chastity, is counter-productive if done for too long. If you’re spending all your time and energy just trying not to touch yourself then it seems like a bit of a waste. I love that you want to be able to cum harder when you see him, but I suggest you try something like the following.

For two days after you’ve been with him and been fucked and cum for him, you do not touch yourself, but you may only lie there and play with your breasts and body but nothing between your legs – and remember how he felt and what you did with him. Perhaps try to get his cum leaked onto some panties that you can hold onto and breathe through during those first days.

Day 3, you may edge once, the next day, twice, and so on, so you will get to about ten days in with ten edges in that day. You stop, two days before he’s due to arrive, and go strictly back onto no touch for those last days as you wait for him to be with you and give you what you crave so much.

You should discuss this with your dom, see what he thinks, and specifically ask him what he wants you to do in regards penetration while edging. Three options come to mind. No penetrative masturbation while he’s away, only clit etc; free to fuck yourself with fingers/toys as much as you want when edging; or thirdly a limited number of times you can do it – say three times between seeing him.

Remember that as a dom we still want to feel needed. It’s so important for you to keep communicating that to him, to tell him how you feel, how you love to deny yourself to please him, what it makes you want to do to him when you’re together. Keeping that communication going when apart, is absolutely vital to making it real for both of you and not letting what you have, fade. I’m sure if you do that he won’t be disappointed.

I hope that helps.


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