Hmm, something tells me he’ll see around your little scheme, but good to know! And as for pubic hair, goodness no, it’s wonderful. I do love shaved too, and if you haven’t done it before, and can get past the ‘OMFG it itches!’ phase, or even get brave enough for a brazillian wax then it’s fab – and works especially well with denial as it tends to emphasise your wetness, if you like that.

However, if I had to choose, loving both, then a neatly trimmed set of pubes is the way I’d go (men too, no excuse for not neatening up down there, we want to look like we care). 

On top of which ginger must rank as one of the cutest colours to have pubes in, truly you’re blessed. Not only can you make jokes about having a pussy on fire but if you do shave you get a much cleaner finish than those battling with raven pubes.

So yes, submissions are welcome, but as I mentioned in my recent post, just a big close up of a pussy, it’s not really my cup of tea. I get them sometimes in my inbox, just out of nowhere and while I appreciate the effort, it’s not really how I want to be introduced to someone. Having said that, pictures of wet panties, on or off, or something more artistic is welcome and always received well as per the nature of the blog. Just not, ‘Hi James, here’s my pussy, in your FACE’ (I should add this is not universal, some guys would love it).

So yes, anon. Good luck with your disobedience plan, and I look forward to seeing what you send, little miss firecrotch.

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