What an interesting question! (I like interesting questions).

So orgasm denial is definitely one of my favourites, but, despite me writing this blog all about it, that’s only really happened because there are lots about general dominance and submission and I felt like there was a gap in what was available for this fabulous kink.

Turns out I was right…

My greatest kink though, is taking the role of dom and teacher with someone, and watching them open up and discover their own sexuality and explore their own fantasies and become more confident and excited about it. It’s always a new experience, everyone is unique, and it’s so incredibly rewarding. 

Of course denial works brilliantly as part of that as I see it as the ‘gateway kink’ that gets someone relaxed and aware of their own sexuality and without doubt makes them more open to talk and explore their deeper fantasies.

So as part of that, I’m a bit of a chameleon really, because I get involved and excited about what turns my sub on, and it’s very much a shared journey of exploration and kinkyfuckery.

Beyond that, I’m a sadist. A nice, gentlemanly sadist but a sadist nonetheless. I get aroused by causing a maoschist pain – yes they have to want it. But I love the creativity of different mindfucks and physical experiences that sadism can encompass. Tears make the best lube.

And then fourth, I’m a sapiosexual, that means I’ve got a thing for smart people – specifically smart subs, and combined with that, it’s incredibly hot to reduce a sophisticated, smart woman into a horny, dripping mess who can’t even think straight. Going even further, bimbofication is super hot in those situations too. Again, orgasm denial, edging and hypnosis working to transform someone into the kind of sexual object she was always secretly fascinated by, but watching herself become that, in secret. So great.

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