I’m another anon who never edged longer than three days, but I’m on day 5 of Juno (joined late) doing 4 edges a day and tasks from other blogs and doing a Juno journal and wow, I definitely know why people do this. I’m wet all the time, so horny I can’t stop thinking about it, and today I’m going commando, which makes it even worse. :) loving it though. Thanks for creating this whole idea and for your very hot blog, it’s really brought my inner slut out. XD -JQ

That’s just so good to hear. I’m glad you found other content to follow as well, good job! This really is why I’m so keen to get this blog working in a way people can actually access it all again, because it’s just such an amazing, positive, sexy kink. 

Thank you, you’ve made my day! It’s so good to be back and catching up.


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