I’m a ‘submission virgin’, but I’ve been enjoying your blog so much since I stumbled across it that I couldn’t help but want to submit.

I’m a travel agent by day and an editor of erotica by night. As my main job is full-time, I sometimes struggle to motivate myself to work into the evening too, despite how much I love it. I’ve been looking for ways to prevent that from happening, and came up with a little game. Sometimes, when I’m really struggling to get through pages after a long day, I ‘reward’ myself after each chapter with an edge.

Just the thought of it makes me wet. 

Since I’ve started, I’ve been the most productive I ever have been, chasing ‘The End’ so I can finally make myself come. I figure I can add other things in if I fancy, like a butt plug or edging through grinding alone.

Anyway, just wanted to share. I love your blog, and your advice and challenges. Thanks for the motivation!

You’re so welcome @summersubgirl

This is part of what lifts denial above so many other kinks for me, that instead of being just a distraction you can use it to motivate yourself and learn even greater self control. 

On top of which you feel amazing and horny and discover all kinds of new things about yourself.

Absolutely wonderful, you’re an inspiration!

Good job!


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