I’ll be writing a guide on the subject with a denial twist but there’s lots of good advice out there on google. My ‘guided masturbation’ task is a good step by step intro to getting to the edge, and the trick is just to push yourself over instead of stopping. You’ll know what that means when you get there I expect.

Otherwise just send me a message (be aware I’m not online much atm as it’s the holidays) and I’ll see how I can help. Also be aware, if I do let you cum, and it’s not guaranteed, I might just stop you right on the edge because it turns me on, but if I do let you, there is a price. It’ll be your last for some time. 

Just ask ‘E’, who I taught to cum, and has been kept aching and dripping since with no more orgasms in sight. (She earnt her orgasm with 20 likes on that post… and then I offered her the chance to be denied for longer instead – she still hasn’t cum, it’s so beautiful).

You did ask an orgasm denial kinkster for help, after all…

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