I’m 7 days into what I’m hoping is a months worth of sexy, teasing, aching, frustrating, pulsing, throbbing, needy delicious denial with my fiance. He’s fairly new to it all but has happily agreed to learn and play as and when the mood takes us. Sometimes he’ll be the one craving the orgasm, sometimes me. Purely coincidence that it coincides with #juNO30days – 7 days and I’m a mess already but a happy horny and already constant wet mess. So thanks James and your brilliant @female-orgasm-denial tumblr. You’re helping to make a horny lady very happy… and ever more needy.

Awesome stuff! Lovely to have you both aboard.Always very happy to get messages from anyone denying their partner, so if your fiance wants to chat just get him to hit me up! (I guarantee you’ll regret and adore it).


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