To my mind, anyone who expects someone they don’t know to call them by titles is bordering right on ‘asshole’ territory. It’s usually a red flag, well at least a yellow one. Depends on the title. (The Queen just about gets away with it, gawd bless her).

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t use one if you really want to, just that I don’t expect or really want it. You can could call me Sir, that’s fine, if you want. I don’t object, but I prefer just my name, at first.

For me titles like that are something I EARN, not demand. And bigger ones, like Master, well anyone expecting that from a stranger is 99% a fake wannabe dom who is just going to use you to jerk off to in his mum’s basement.

The other 1% have their own place.

So I do like titles, but they come out of respect and relationship, on both sides. And honestly I’m still always okay with anyone using my name, at any time, because it sometimes, at special moments, lets me say ‘Call me Sir’ right in the midst of a scene, and fuck me that’s hot. amirite?

In terms of messaging me, please feel free, just remember I’m not here all the time, and I work on London timezone. So if you’re messaging me begging to cum at midnight EST you’ve got a long frustrating wait in store.

Which is good, right?



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