Hi, thanks for your question!

Being a virgin shouldn’t be a problem at all, so don’t let it stop you enjoying this amazing kink. I’ve had a number of virgins really enjoy exploring this kink with me and even with those who have had sex I will often deliberately ban any penetration just as an added tease – so it will work fine.

In my experience the majority of women will only masturbate their clit anyway, so don’t feel limited. Denial is about you and what is going to be most effective in getting and keeping you in that amazing ‘edge space’ where you are incredibly horny, wet and energised from it.

I’d make sure you’re making the most of what you can play with, don’t neglect your nipples and play with them first as a build up to masturbating and then combining them with your clit as you get closer to the edge.

Also, depending on your preferences, don’t forget your bumhole, just around the outside of your anus is a very sensitive and pleasurable area to enjoy touching. If you’re nervous about that then you can try it first in the shower. Play with your clit and mirror what you’re doing with your other hand behind, it can feel incredibly good.

The fact you’re a virgin is something to be celebrated, so don’t feel like you’re missing out. There will be lots of ideas in denial tasks that you can still use and just skip the penetration elements.

Let me know if you need any more help and come off anon if you want to share anything you’d not want answered in public.


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