Sister @needylittlefreak is an east coast, good girl in her early thirties. She has an elaborate collections of SEX TOYS that is quite impressive by any Sister in Denial’s standards. She loves to be fingered while wearing pants so much that even thinking about it soaks her panties.

Her most embarrassing moment was having an anal plug slip inside where it had to be dug out. Anyone else would have died in embarrassment. Her last orgasm was April 2, 2018. Her next planned orgasm is Sept 2. Fingers crossed that does not come together. Read on to find out more about one of our favourite sorority sisters.


From @needylittlefreak (Say No To The O Sorority Sister) 

Where should I start? Oh, I know, how about 


Oh, right, because I am a curious cat and it’s going to be the death of me one day. Okay, let me backtrack for you. I’m a masochist and lately I’ve been seeing all of these posts about


and how they range from amazing to “omg never again” more or less. So finally, I broke down and tried it myself.

It was like Satan himself had licked my clit and I was on fire… at first. After a bit of time, and finding out that nothing could distract me from the figurative in my lions, it slowly ebbed down to where it didn’t want to bring tears to my eyes… and then it got fucking cold. Hell froze over. It was almost jarring at what the difference was. I told myself that I was going to throw the tube away and never use it again, or at least only use it on my lower back to actually ease my pain.

Guess how long that lasted? About 4 days. Then I went running back to Satan with open legs and almost instant regret. I sense this is going to be a cycle.


Sleep well,

@needylittlefreak. The arousal will likely kill you in the morning (fingers crossed). You frineds at Say No To The O!

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‘Satan himself had licked my clit’
Oh joy.

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