Firstly that’s great, I’ve done lots of youth work over the years and it’s great you’re investing into that.

But, unless you find your judgement seriously impaired, which if you’re a regular denial slut is unlikely, I don’t think you need to go as far as no touch for the whole time. I mean it’s fine if you find that sexy and a turn on, but that’s a long time and often can kill the libido for many.

Just make sure you’re being careful and appropriate, and there are plenty of simple opportunities to edge – the shower’s one of the best, or quick ones in a bathroom. But even in bed, as long as you’re quiet and subtle, you can pretty simply edge yourself beneath the sheets, and it’s got quite an added excitement to it if you’re sharing the room with other leaders.

Speaking as a guy, men masturbate a lot. About half do it most days from what I remember of stats. That might slow down a bit on trips, but it doesn’t stop. We do all the above suggestions, and we have a much messier clean up at the end. So if we can do it, I know you can too!

Even happier end of JuNO!

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