Hi Claire, 

You say ‘obviously’ but unless you’re sharing a sleeping bag with someone, there’s nothing to stop you gently rubbing your clit in bed with no one else knowing. Guys do this is shared rooms all the time, and it’s much harder for them to do it secretly. Sometimes it makes for the perfect edging environment as you can’t get too excited, it forces you to only edge but not cum (depending if you’re a noisy orgasmer or not).

Recent stats say that two thirds of women between the ages of 18 and 30 masturbate three times a week. More than half the women in your cabin are likely doing it anyway.

Assuming you have private shower stalls that’s another great place to do your edges. If you can do so safely then finding a secluded spot in the forest might even be an option.

For other more subtle things to do, panties pulled up into you like a crotch rope, can be a lot of fun, or thongs, worn backwards, rubbing on your clit, keeping you aroused. Great stuff.

But I’d say the big opportunity is the fact you’re away with other young, horny counsellors. You think none of them are kinky little fuckers? Come on. Start looking for it, the guy or girl who sets off your kinkdar. Get them and some others playing games, ‘never have I ever’, ‘truth or dare’ etc, get the conversation steered towards kinky stuff or masturbation or even edging. 

You might find a kindred spirit. That’ll make for a very interesting summer.

What happens at camp, stays at camp.

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