Wait, 1 to 2 people?

That’s… those are very different things, you know that right? 

‘Can I book a table for dinner, it’s for 1 to 2 people…’ Someone’s expecting to be stood up. 

Anyway, happily in denial both work well!

One is like, secret and solo, which is great. Two is, well hell, two is awesome but much much rarer. So is this you HOPING your friend will get involved?

I assume you’ve looked at my denial buddy posts:


http://female-orgasm-denial.tumblr.com/post/140043223038/the-denial-dare-wheel-game (a tonne of ideas in here)


For solo games, well, there’s literally dozens in the blog, just hit the tasks list for inspiration.

If you can explain the scenario further then I’ll try to be more helpful!

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