Cum! Seriously. Unless this whole thing is a punishment you’ve clearly crossed the line from fun and hot to no fun and not hot.

Have some orgasms, until you’re enjoying them again, perhaps have a bit of a break from denial, and then try it again once you feel like it.

No touch is powerful stuff. I repeatedly warn that no touch, especially for women (us guys are a ball of never ending self-generating horniness in most cases), can have VERY mixed effects. Yours is a good example of it being negative. And that’s pretty common in my experience. I personally never impose it beyond a day unless I know for that person it’s usually a positive experience. Once you know that, then you can try longer, but even then it’s really variable. 

For some the mental aspects of no touch will sustain the arousal, the fact it’s a submission, or the sense of being controlled. But in my experience most women’s libidos need topping up with regular edging for the most successful denial sessions.

So, trust yourself, talk to the person you’re doing this with. Have some fun orgasming, clear the mental, emotional and physical slate and give it a go when you fancy it, being more careful exploring no touch in future and working out what works best for you.

I hope that helps,


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