I found a nice long gang bang video & started playing. When I got to the edge, I had to force myself to stop. Then I had to actually take my hand away just to make sure I didn’t touch myself. I just sat & watched for 10 minutes, it was torture. Finally once that was done I edged again. Long & hard, I kept myself close for probably five minutes before I stopped again. So two edges today & I’m planning on one before I go to bed. Hopefully this will get me motivated for the rest of the month!-E

Hi E, 

This is great and thank you for being so honest. It’s totally okay for it not to really kick in all the time. My number one rule for any of this stuff is ‘Real Life Wins’. 

The challenge is to keep being positive and give it a go and see what happens, and it looks like that’s really paying off dividends for you now, so well done!

There definitely is something very powerful about doing more than just one edge a day, especially as you build things up. At least two, or even better three edges during the day just keeps that ‘Denial High’ maintained and building in a way doing it less doesn’t in my experience.

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