Good! I’d recommend you start with my ‘Guided Masturbation’ task:

That will take you through a nice long process of getting yourself to the edge. And then… well instead of stopping, at the end you keep on stimulating yourself until you reach the climax – you’ll feel the pleasure ‘explode’ in a new way, an orgasm spreading all through your body from your clit. Don’t stop rubbing, you may want to do it a bit more gently, or you may find you want it harder and faster. Either way, keep rubbing all the way through that until you find you’re to sensitive to rub any more.

And that’s an orgasm.

Then again, message me. and I’ll make you cum myself. But you won’t be cumming again. I’ll let you taste the greatest pleasure your body can give you, and then I’ll deny you from then on, just so you know quite what it is you’re missing.

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