Well, let me tell you now, 50% of those who completed the survey and who enjoy this blog are virgins! So you’re absolutely in the majority. 

And too many kinks is rarely a problem, it just means you’re open and sexually adventurous. Trust me, this will serve you well in the future. What you don’t want is just one or two complete sexual obsessions (this is technically what a ‘fetish’ is – it means you can’t get turned on without a certain kink) as that tends to inhibit you rather than give you more ways to have fun.

And it’s SO great to figure out what you’re into now, as you get to understand your body and more importantly, your own mind – and can so more confidently know what you’re looking for in a partner.

So, in summary. Stop worrying, you sound awesome. Plus, happy birthday, have an orgasm on me (wait, that sounds even more kinky than I meant it to…)

PS Now I know more about who’s reading the blog (which was a main purpose of the survey) I’ll be making sure we do some helpful posts on virginity, and valuing it, losing it and how denial works with it.

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