It’s so, so wrong isn’t it. The thought of some dedicated little denial slut edging herself, so wet and desperate, turning herself into the perfect little fuck doll for her boyfriend, pinning all her hopes of orgasm on him making her cum, just the way she imagines as she edges her swollen, aching little clit.

And then, all she gets is his self absorbed half-arsed fumblings, copying the crap he watches on pornhub, using spit as lube and thinking that just fucking her is all he needs to be a champion lover.

And so she lies there and takes it, wanting to beg, wanting to tell him what to do, but all she can focus on is his cock, thrusting in and out of her dripping cunt, watching him take his pleasure in her, and before she even gets close he grunts with satisfaction, emptying his selfish balls deep inside. leaving his mess in her body as though she’s some human cum receptacle. 

She hates it. And loves it. If she weren’t so desperately horny, she’d be disgusted with him, but now, in this denied euphoria, it’s exactly what she needs.

Always horny, never cumming.

The perfect little denial slut.

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