Hurray for kinky married couples, it’s nice to know we’re not alone!

Do tell him he doesn’t have to do all the work though, I’d highly recommend he makes you edge yourself once or twice a day. Firstly because you can take yourself closer, faster, than he can, and secondly it’s just super hot to be told to do it, especially if he watches (or for some it can be even hotter if he kind of ignores you!).

It does seem to be a little focused on you though, my dear. I think, once he’s got you truly desperate, he needs to switch things around and get you waking him with a blow job, after you’ve edged yourself. If being his little denial slut isn’t making you want to drop to your knees and suck him, then you probably aren’t being edged nearly enough.

You’ll probably start wanting to dress up more for him too, this is perfectly normal. Personally I like my wife in dresses and skirts, usually without panties, for ease of access. Stockings don’t just look hot, they are supremely practical as it looks like she’s wearing tights, but she and I know that there’s nothing underneath. Or, if she is wearing the panties that go with them she wears them OVER the suspender belt (garter belt as americans call it) so they can be removed with ease – which is how they are supposed to be worn btw, unless it’s just for looking hot.

My main bit of advice is just have fun. If you go over by accident, don’t worry about it too much. Maybe use it as an excuse to have a fun spanking or something similar, but definitely celebrate a week of it by an orgasm, ruined or otherwise. 

It takes time to adjust properly to a denial regime. Hopefully, beyond the horniness and frustration, you’ll find that in a day or two you also discover a very real sense of wellbeing that comes from the experience too. Some describe it as a ‘denial high’ (well I do at least). You’ll should discover not only a greater desire to hump your hubby’s brain out, but also an increased intimacy with him – this shit can go pretty deep!

So have fun, and feel free to get him to message me if he wants any diabolical suggestions!

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