You’re so welcome Dorian, it really is fun isn’t it, and teasing yourself with your own orgasms is just twisted and mean and hot. Nice work.

PROTIP: As a single, or couple if you don’t want any permanent record a GREAT idea that I came up with myself, is to cast your phone screen to the TV or laptop, and just switch on the camera on the phone! Suddenly you’ve got live self sex tape action going on.

We sometimes do that when going down on each other, watching myself getting a blowjob, from HER eye level is super hot, and she’ll do the same when I go down on her. 

And the fact it’s just live streaming, in the privacy of your own home, means there’s no worry about it being found accidentally, which with kids around, or nosy parents, is a godsend.

If you’ve invested in a suction cup dildo then putting your phone to the side or behind you and then laptop in front of you, and watching yourself fuck, live, well, okay I’ve probably lost a load of you as you’ve run off to do that.

You heard it here first people.


Tech tips – you can cast from Android phones to Chromecast on a TV, or use the Mobizen App to cast to a laptop. iPhones can use 

Reflector / AirServer / X-Mirage apparently to enable Airplay mirroring. Google is your friend.

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