Worst… or best. I’ve had subs who liked taking them because it helped them with denial, I know…

Edging and denial can actually be amazingly good for your state of mind.

I’ll put a warning here, that’s not always the case. On the whole, I find it having very positive effects, but for some edging can act as a mood enhancer, so if you’re down, it makes you feel it even more keenly. If you find that’s true for you then it might just be that denial isn’t a good idea, for now at least.

However, for most the flow of feel-good chemicals, endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine, that denial and edging keep elevated, can result in a high that over time naturally makes you feel positive and happy.

This high tends to really kick in one or two days into denial, which is why I always recommend trying it for three days if you can.

So how about this, stop seeing them as anti-depressants, and see them as edging pills. Seriously! They’re to help you edge without cumming, and get your body’s natural anti-depressants working for you too!

At the very least it’s putting a positive spin on this side effect!

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