That’s lovely feedback,thank you! And well done, ten days is great.

Don’t just let your pheromones do the work though, use your new level of arousal to really enjoy teasing and pleasing him. Send him sexy texts saying how much you want him, how horny he makes you, what you want to do to him. Even try some teasing pictures if you want to.

Also try dressing up a little more, delight in that look in his eyes when you wear clothes or make up that surprises him. So much fun.

Try some new things in bed too. It’s Christmas, what fantasy could you fulfil? Maybe you, or he, gets tied up? perhaps it’s sucking and swallowing him like a good little slut wife, or maybe on Christmas Day you whisper, ‘Would you like to fuck me in the ass?’. (Read this great post on it if you’re not sure)

You know him best, find what will drive you both wild and use your new sexual energy to make it happen. You’ll love it just as much as he will, I promise.

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