Well, since my wicked post isn’t allowing me another orgasm until somewhere mid July last time I checked, I thought I’d get some support and participate in @female-orgasm-denial‘s JuNO. 30 days of denial.

With already 88 days under my belt it’s going to be hard to add another 30. I’d meant to beg for an orgasm at 100 days. I guess that isn’t happening…
Please James, put me out of my misery.

I’ve done my edges for the first day and second day already and told a friend who knows I’m into kink. She cringed and asked why on earth I’d do that. Oh girl, you should know how long I’ve been tortured already.

As a bonus I also popped into a chatroom and let them know about my month of extra denial. The guy I was talking to seemed really intrigued.

Oh Lovely… you know how misery loves company… now you have it!

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