Well firstly that’s great, I wish I had a badge I could give you. Maybe I should get some bumper stickers printed up, ‘I came first with female-orgasm-denial, how ironic!’

However, and forgive me for sounding like I have a one track mind, but if your orgasms have lacked the initial pizazz, how about you try denial? Yes you’ll have to change your pattern but honestly, the idea is it will make you want to.

As long as you make the decision to try it for just one day, to make space to edge yourself three times, it may well be the push you need to take your libido up another level. You can try cumming that evening, or best of all, carry it across to the next night. I suspect and hope you’ll find all the overwhelming pleasure and excitement in exploring that experience that you are looking for.

Let me know if that helps!

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