I often edge myself at least twice a day, as I live in a semi busy household. Luckily I’ve found that a detachable showerhead, which otherwise never was used, to be a perfect toy. 

It borders me on shaky, nonverbalness and slight coherence. The main pleasure is that every shift makes it hit a new spot that simply feels great. It feels nice to edge, and I’ve finally found something that boosts my mood.

 I’m falling out of the grip of depression and becoming a happier, motivated woman. All because I found this blog and found out that holding back from cumming is fine. Because after every session, I cant wait for more, and It gives me something to work towards.

That’s absolutely brilliant, thank you so much for sharing with us!

The effect on mood can be amazing, and I find it generally makes you feel happier (if frustrated) which is natural as you’re getting a lot of feel good hormones in your system.

However, just be aware that for some edging can sometimes accentuate your mood, even if it’s a bad one or you’re feeling down. So just be careful, if you’re edging and feeling rubbish, have a little break and see if it helps. 

On the other hand, if you’re feeling rubbish, and you aren’t edging… TRY IT AND SEE! It might be just what you need xxx


Share what effects edging and denial has had on you!

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