Stop buying popcorn. Seriously, that’s the solution to this. Once the evil crunchy but soft goodness is sitting in your kitchen cupboard the battle is already lost.

So stop buying popcorn.

If you want popcorn as a rare reward, make it yourself. And I don’t mean in those microwave bags with those awful fake flavourings. I mean, buy actual popcorn kernels, and learn to make them in a saucepan. 

What will happen is firstly you’ll think, HOLY SHIT, look how much popcorn this makes for $1 – what the hell have I been doing with my money?

Second you’ll eat way less because you can’t be bothered to make it.

Eating well starts by shopping well. If you don’t have crap in your kitchen, you can’t put it in your body. Simple as that. Yes you’ll still get tempted by fast food, and that’s a different challenge, but when the popcorn munchies come calling and all you have is some fruit, you’ll eat fruit (or nothing at all). 

Don’t shop when hungry, even better if it’s an option do it online and have it delivered, that’s what we do. £3 to have someone do all my shopping, pack it, deliver it, and not buy all the extra stuff the store wants me to when wandering around? Best value ever.

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