Hi, I feel I need to confess this to someone as I feel so awful about it.

I’ve been listening to Gentlemanlibertine’s excellent Edging Trance on Soundcloud to help with my orgasm denial experiment.

This morning my husband left for work at 6:30 as usual and I had so wanted to edge since going to bed so he had just closed the door when I popped the headphones on soundcloud up on my phone. I decided to go through the whole Obedience Playlist to reinforce his suggestions from the beginning.

It was great, and I risked the ‘Curse’ track which curses me not to be able to Orgasm without Master’s consent (I don’t have a Master :-(, so that isn’t an issue.) I found this really exciting, and my expectation of it’s potency perhaps explains my misdemeanour. 

I was obviously tired and had been edging for a while, so I think I feel asleep during the last trance, but afterwards I really wanted to edge just once more before getting up for the day and that’s when it happened. I was just reaching the point when I knew it was going to stop and I stopped rubbing and as I pulled my two fingers out, it happened, I just came, it was awful, I felt horrible, and a failure, now I am worried about trying to edge again in case it happens again. I wonder what to do, should I punish myself in some way? Should I try to find someone else to punish me?

Please advise

Oh and you were doing so well! 

Hmm, well let’s make this interesting. You are on ‘no touch’ until your husband has cum in your mouth five times. The thing is, he’s not allowed to know you have to do that before you can touch again.

You MAY ONLY stimulate yourself while blowing him – that’ll encourage you to make them nice long ones. But if he decides to fuck you or finish elsewhere, I’m afraid that doesn’t count. And unless his cock is IN your mouth you are not allowed any clit stimulation unless he gives it to you, but you can’t ask for it.

You have to maintain your edging and other trance listening in the meantime. But you may only play with your breasts and bottom, no clit or pussy play at all.

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