I managed to do an edge while pumping a brush handle into me! I’ve never been one for penetration but where I haven’t done anything in a while, I must be more sensitive! It had some interesting curves in it so it was different. I’ve only ever put a finger inside and that did nothing. But this was amazing!! Now for my two other edges then off to bed. Back in denial and I’m so happy. Thank you! -belle

Hi Belle, you’re so welcome! It’s so good to hear you’re exploring more. Penetration is a really important pleasure to discover, and a hairbrush handle as discussed many times, is a good place to start as long as it’s smooth and has no bits to catch on you. But even better is a dildo, as they’re actually designed for that and if you get one with a suction cup they’re even better!

So happy you’re happy back in denial!


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