Well thank you, that’s quite impressive, even more so you didn’t even take the reward!

Okay, so a task involving breast size teasing and exhibitionism… How’s this, one for anyone who fancies it to join in.

The Exhibitionist Breast Teasing Denial Slut Challenge

(Well there’s a catchy title)

You are to edge yourself for at least half an hour before you begin the task.

Then write ‘I’m a denial slut’ above your bare breasts
and ‘female-orgasm-denial.tumblr.com’ below them. (Yes I’m going to use your tits to promote the blog). Sharpies or lipstick are the usual medium used.

Take a picture and submit it via this link:


I’m hoping others will too. Because I’ll then pick my favourite photo and that person gets to cum, but everyone else will get ruined orgasms, or no touch or whatever I decide (some tits are going to get tortured, I’m warning you now). I’m going to be mean. I’m going to find any reason I can to NOT let you cum.

You can include your face or not as you wish. Remember if you’re trying to be anonymous to do it against a background that won’t give you away either. I will keep ALL entries anonymous unless you tell me not to – but you can be anonymous on the submission form if you do it via the website and log out first. Just stick in any fake email. But all entries will get posted to the blog – this is for exhibitionists after all, and I’m going to find a reason why you don’t get to cum – so you better get off on being teased like that, in front of thousands of readers.

If the whole idea of this is getting you wet, I dare you to enter. If it isn’t, that’s totally cool too. This kind of exhibitionism/degradation thing is a huge kink for some and others understandably hate it.

Oh and if you enter… you’re not allowed to cum until I’ve made my decision.

I’ll decide a winner in a few days time, but might announce losers as we go along, so hurry up. Enter today!

Thank you for all the submissions so far, who knew so many women wanted to be teased about their breasts (I did, that’s why I did this).

I’ll be giving my verdict on all the submissions tomorrow and handing out the rewards or punishments, so watch this space, and get your submission in if you still want to before then!

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