I love this picture, I imagine that’s the mum, driving off to the shops or somewhere, and wham, as soon as she’s gone, Sarah’s pulling her panties down so she can edge again.

I just wanted to make a serious point off this post though, which is, whether you’re into denial or just love masturbating, you must never feel guilty about being horny. It is the most amazing, beautiful thing for you to be horny and want to masturbate. 

And if orgasm denial is a kink you love, know that in my experience it marks you as a particularly intelligent, smart, and sexy woman compared to most. It takes serious self-control to do this, which most lack, and the self-control and energy you learn to take from denial can actually be channelled into helping you be successful in all kinds of ways, study, work, fitness, talents and more.

Again seriously though, if you find your edging is actually detracting from you being successful, that it’s getting in the way of your performance at school or work or in relationships, you need to just be sensible and scale it back. Use it as a reward for achieving your important goals, instead of a reason to procrastinate and ignore them. Yes, that’s an order 😉

Now go edge again as you plan how you’re going to conquer the world. Denial slut’s forever!

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