Tricky really as it’s fundamentally an issue of self-control, which is much broader than just denial.

I think tying your denial to OTHER areas of self control can be an interesting way of doing it yourself but removing the cause of denial one step. For several of the women I deny this is to do with exercise and diet. If they meet their goal of 3 half hour runs a week, plus two fasting (if they’re on the 5:2) diet then they get to cum, if not, they don’t! For another hardcore little denial slut who has some big weight loss goals she gets a ruined orgasm every 10lbs she loses, and will only have a full orgasm when she reaches her target weight. (She’s rightly proud to have lost nearly 20lb already!)

Another option is to leave it to chance, using something like my wheel of denial or a simple game of coin toss, three heads in a row means you can cum, but you have to edge before every toss.

Ultimately you need to find someone to help as self imposed punishments really aren’t much fun compared to someone else doling it out. So good luck with that my dear!


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