Did… did you actually read the rest of the post before you sent me this? The bit where I explicitly stated I wasn’t sure what counted for lesbian couples? And then where I posted to other resources that define it pretty much exactly as you did, ‘whatever you decide it means for you’? I like your definition though.

But you’re right, I should have included ‘in your ass’ for gay guys, as that definitely counts. 

The whole debate about ‘does anal lose your virginity’ for hetro couples though is a totally fascinating debate. I start to think about it then get too amused at the thought of good girls taking it in the ass to preserve their ‘chastity’ to be able to come to a conclusion. (If this is you, please, write and tell me about it).

I do love feedback but at least read the rest of the post before you send me stuff… The question was specifically about penetration, and the worry that virginity could be lost by fingering or using toys. The point was, it can’t, it’s conceptual, not physical, and has to be a sexual act with someone else.

So just to be clear, there is nothing you can do to yourself when masturbating that would cause you to lose your virginity. So edge away my little virgin denial sluts, your innocence is safe with me…

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