I just want to say, I check up on your posts at least once or twice a week to torture myself and remember that Daddy said to not cum. You’re a wonderful blog and despite the many options, I am sad to see tumblrs porn community go. Your blog reminds me I’m certainly not alone in my fantasies and fetishes; a comfort I think a lot of your readers feel. This was more of a ramble than anything but.. thank you for everything and I can’t wait to see how everything goes from here.

Thank you so much. Messages like yours are exactly what motivates me to keep going with this and try to make it even better.

My current plan is not to disappear anywhere. I’m going to cut out the explicit images and just see what I can get away with, and put more focus on giving you lot tasks, hot captions on images that don’t break the new guidelines, and more erotic writing, which is currently specifically allowed in the new T&Cs.

I have set up a bdsmlr account which I’m experimenting with, but they’re pretty overwhelmed and it’s not working great at the moment. But it might shape up into something where i can post all the really kinky pics and captions for you lot to scroll through and edge to when you’re in that kind of mood.

It’s edgingspace.bdsmlr.com if you want to check out my early exploration attempts.

I’ve also set up a Reddit and I’m doing the same there, just trying stuff out:


Warning maintenance on line ahead

This weekend I plan to move this Tumblr to a subdomain – it will become blog.edging.space – so don’t freak out if it acts strangely. You should always be able to access it on the app, and via female-orgasm-denial.tumblr.com while I’m messing around with stuff.

This is because www.edging.space will become a proper standalone site, built on WordPress, that I’ll put my favourite content and information etc. It means it’s completely owned and controlled by me so whatever Tumblr does in the future I don’t have to worry about it.

A Discord server’s in the works too but I’d rather do that properly than half arse it so I’m focusing on just getting the blog working and experimenting with ways to deliver your edging content right now. So bear with me.

What I’m really keen to see is if search and tags actually start working again once all this shit settles down. If that isn’t the case I don’t think Tumblr’s worth the effort long term. What’s the point in creating content if no one can find it. We shall see..



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