Get tipsy and just ask her! Seriously, stop guessing what someone else thinks, most of the time you have NO idea what’s actually going on in the head of another person. What they say is often bullshit they think you should hear.

As long as your friend is close and won’t freak out at such a suggestion, then what’s the harm? And the tipsy bit, well a bit of booze helps us all be more relaxed and open to new experiences.

Just introduce these things giving yourself room to get out:

‘So, I saw this thing online the other day I can’t stop thinking about. Do you want to see. You promise not to freak out though, I just wondered if everyone thinks it’s as hot as I do.’

Then if the reply is positive, ‘wanna give it a go? we don’t have to do everything it says (yes you do) and we can stop if it get weird (it probably won’t) and honestly, I’d love to play this game right now (you want to fuck your roommate, we know).

So, you see, you’re asking for her opinion, not to actually do it. And the game is set up to be a pretty classic truth or dare game, just, with denial and play as part of it. It’s not a foreign concept.

This shit isn’t just a fantasy. I’ve had subs try this with straight friends and both of them ending up making so much noise the neighbours complained. Seriously, fun was had by all (well maybe not the neighbours).

On that note, I actually love playing games like this, so if you’ve got a friend or group of you who want to me to take the lead in your very own curated denial game of truth and dare, message me! That can also get you past the ‘straight not bi’ bit as it’s a guy taking the lead.

And don’t forget as Snowflake says, ‘The straightest of girls get bi when tipsy’

The Denial Dare Game

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