Thank you! 

If you’re wondering what she’s talking about you won’t find it on Tumblr (sad face) but on my new stream of kinky captions at:

They’re starting to get on top of some of the major bugs and it’s turning into something quite interesting – go check it out!

As for your thoughts, anon, I love it. I love your freedom to fantasise about anything that turns you on and not worry about it being some kind of contradiction to your default sexuality. This is EXACTLY the joy of fantasies, anything goes and I think if we let ourselves fantasise outside the box a bit more it can’t do any harm to us appreciating and respecting others perspectives and kinks either.

As an aside to everyone, I LOVE hearing fantasies like these. If you have a scenario, especially if you can find an image that somehow embodies it, message me here or on bdsmlr and I’ll see what I can do to bring it to life.


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