And the winner of the obvious answer award goes to…

Yes of course…why wouldn’t you? If you find it hot, which you clearly do, tell him how much you love it. Even better, get him to read this blog, then you’ll be truly fucked, which we all know is what you hope will happen.

It so easy too, you don’t even need to say ‘there’s this blog ummm… here’s the URL’

Nope, somehow Google in all it’s wisdom has put my blog in first place if anyone searches ‘female orgasm denial’, in fact, unbelievably, it’s third for just ‘orgasm denial’. So all you have to do is say, ‘you should google Orgasm denial’ and get some ideas, I did and found some really hot stuff.

Before you know it he’ll be reading this (it’s just coincidence your girlfriend did exactly this by the way, she totally didn’t write to me to ask how to get you to deny her more) and then discover just how great having a constantly horny girlfriend who will do anything to even possibly get the chance to cum (don’t let her, she doesn’t want you to) and who will spend her evenings sucking your cock while you play x-box or watch porn, and do all that nasty shit you though she wouldn’t, just by NOT letting her cum…

Damn girl, you are so fucked.

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