This is fabulous, I’m so delighted!

Let me just encourage you, what you did, having a denial session and then coming back later and enjoying an orgasm, that’s COMPLETELY valid and a great way to enjoy denial. 

You’ll read a lot about days and weeks and months of denial, here and all over the place, but I honestly wish more people would talk about short term denial like this as it’s a wonderful way for those intrigued by denial to explore it.

It can be as simple as that one experience, one single time doing what you did, just masturbating and not cumming at the end, for everything about denial to click and someone to realise ‘oh my god this makes me feel amazing!’

It’s especially fun to do it before you are going out. So a good hard edging session before going out to work or school or for the evening. That way you’re all horny and happy while you’re out, but can’t really do anything about it and can’t wait to get back home to finish off what you started.

Slip in some jiggle balls to really ratchet up the intensity!

And as you say, the orgasms you get after you do this are often so much better than what you’re used to. What’s not to love?

While I encourage everyone to try longer, especially because of the ‘denial high’ that kicks in after a few days, if you discover this short denial works for you then that’s great too. You are absolutely a denial slut. So welcome to the party!

Bobby Bargain Alert

While making that above link to the Jiggle balls I noticed that this amazing set of Jiggle Balls (they call them Kegel Trainers but it’s the same thing) are down to £7.50 on UK Lovehoney and 

€8.98 on their EU site. That’s crazy! 

They’re normally nearly four times that. We have these ones, the double pair, this comes with the double and the single. And as suggested above, are amazing for secretly wearing inside you during denial. Plus as the name implies, they help strengthen your kegel muscles so that’s a bonus. They’re silicone so safe to keep in you for as long as you want. And they look like little black sperm so bonus points (the tail is to easily pull them out but you can cut it off if you feel happy without it).

But really… it’s the balls inside them, secretly and silently rolling around every time you move, vibrating against your g-spot that is going to make you drip into your poor panties all day long!

I’m afraid they’re still full price on the US site but remember you can still go to the UK or EU site and order from there. Postage isn’t much more if I recall. It just takes a little longer to get to you.

Tracy Cox Silicone Jiggle Balls at Lovehoney

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