Spend a week!

But really, don’t over do it. Massagers are super powerful and firstly can make you cum very easily (we don’t want that now do we…) and beyond that can numb you (temporarily) if you use it too much.

One good trick is use them AROUND your clit but not on it, really tease yourself. All over your pussy lips, even pressed firmly above your pubic bone, and of course, hard against your pussy.

Try some different positions, as well as on your back, try it seated, on all fours, even try humping against it on the bed.

If you’re taking the day with it… dress up! Yep, dress up in something that makes you feel sexy and really have fun building up to using it.

If you have a dildo (or butt plug) then pressing it against the base of that when it’s in you can be AMAZING.

if not, the even a hairbrush or similar in you with the massager held against it can give your insides quite the stimulation.

If you like the sound of all this you can get a proper sex toy massager/wand – the big advantage is they are powered from the mains, so never run out of batteries and are much more powerful.

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