Wash them.

Really, I’m sure they’re fine but I always think it’s a good plan to give them a bit of a soap and wash down.

THEN, the fun begins.

Explore playing with the vibe, don’t get straight into turning it to full and shoving it in! It’s all about the tease. So play with it clothed, try it on your breasts, then your clit through your clothes. 

Build up the anticipation.

Remember that even though it’s a vibrating dildo the majority use for those is still on your clit. So that’s where to focus first, maybe through panties then on your bare skin, see what feels good. Again, tease, play over your labia, push the tip against the entrance of your vagina, even, especially when through panties, try vibrating against your bottom – that can feel amazing.

Then move it between the tip in your vagina and circling your clit, try alternating, see what feels best, make tease part of your normal experience.

Be aware sometimes the SIDE of your clit is more sensitive so just explore, once you’re aroused and it’s swollen, with moving the tip around the sides of your clit, not just pushing it on top.

With a vibrating dildo you can also kneel over it and hump it, that can be a fun way to go hands free and play with your breasts at the same time.

Once you’ve got really aroused with all that, start to play with it more inside you. Try it both with vibrations on and off. Some prefer just fucking it when the vibes are off. The real point of the vibrations is to work that tip inside you against your g-spot. That’s found on the side of your tummy, 3-5 inches in, you’ll often feel the urge to pee when you first press on it from inside, that’s okay, keep going, it’ll feel better and better. Little circles or fucks inside with the tip, at varying levels of vibrations is what we’re after, maybe rubbing your clit with your fingers on the outside. You’ll see that effectively your g-spot is inside you where your clit is on the outside, it’s all connected.

If it’s not a g-spot vibe with a little bend in the end then you can achieve pretty much the same result by just angling the base of the vibe down towards your bottom on the outside, so that the tip rises up to your tummy on the inside.

Perhaps you’ll feel it’s enough to make you cum from all that, if you can, see if just the vibe inside can take you over, it’s a bit different from a clitoral orgasm for many. Often described as ‘full body’ orgasms.

Of course, if you’re a true denial slut, you might take yourself over and then pull the vibe out, and ruin it. Ruin your first orgasm with that vibe. How mean…

Or you could just keep yourself ultra horny, and decide to see how those beads feel.

The trick with beads is be really aroused and lube them the fuck up. Lube your ass, lube the beads, and keep on lubing.

The main idea with beads is you pull them out when you cum, that’s the classic move, although they do give you a really deep, but bendy penetration. The thought of them so far in you is a huge turn on to some.

They’ll usually get wider as they go so just go slowly and see what’s comfortable. You want to have given your bottom a wash out before if you can, and certainly have done a poo at least a few hours before to empty out higher up. Because that’s the thing with anal beads, they are going deeper than a plug, so it’s likely they won’t come out spotlessly clean unless you’ve got a magic butthole or have just had some colonic irrigation. 

So just be prepared for that. A little plastic bag to put it in after you’re done is useful, you don’t want to have to put it down on the duvet. And then just give it a good wash in the shower or sink after you’ve calmed down with soap and water and ideally a sex toy cleaner spray. Let the dry naturally but try not to leave them in the bathroom unless you like awkward questions.

So yes, when actually using them, slide them in slowly, one at a time, until it’s comfortable, then get edging again with the vibe and, as you climax, tug them out. I’ll let you have a full orgasm with that one, unless you’d really prefer to ruin it…


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