I’ll assume they were ‘fairly’ risque endeavours as ‘faily’ doesn’t sound nearly as fun.

And I’m not sure how that’d all work at the beach, but I’m having fun imagining! Good job anon!

As with all these things, my dear followers, do remember there is an important balance to be found with risky stuff we do in public – i.e. the ‘public’ haven’t given their consent to get involved (don’t even get me started on those videos of people fucking by roads and so endangering lives). 

The idea with most of this stuff is that we enjoy the ‘possibility’ of exposure, the thrill of ‘what if’, not that we force our kink on strangers. Having said that, breasts are awesome and the cultural taboo against them in some countries is insanity, so yeah, #boobsforchange – no wait, that sounds like a naked begging scheme.

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