Sounds like a good start to your denial. Good girl. Here’s what you are going to do.

Get a pack of playing cards.

Shuffle them thoroughly and then decide if you want to play this easy or hard. Easy, take 20 cards, hard, use the whole pack. 

Put the stack of cards face down and before you turn the first one, you have to guess, red, or black.

Turn the top card over. If you were correct in your guess you get to discard the card, if you were wrong it goes to the bottom of the pack.

Whichever it is, the number on the card is how many edges you must do that day. If it is a royal card then it’s a no touch day. 

You will continue this, doing one card every morning, until the pack is finished, in which case so is your denial, and you may orgasm. Remember, a wrong guess of the card colour means it goes back into the pack, but you still have do to the edges. The pack stays just as it is, you do not reshuffle each day. It only gets touched once a day when you guess the card and turn it over.

The exception is, if the card is an ace. If it’s an ace you get to draw the next top card. If that is also an ace, your denial is finished and you may orgasm. If it’s not an ace you do double the number of edges on the second card drawn and you sleep stuffed with a toy or panties that night.

Alternatively you could be brave and come off anon and we’ll see what we can do with you… 

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