Hey Alice (best name for a denial slut btw)

I think and hope you’re right. You’ve been ruining them.

I had this cruel, and wonderful idea. All the women who haven’t cum, like Sage, and Rey and you, we make a little group, and we chat and talk and play a bit, and then, randomly, or not, I pick one of you, and in private I teach her how to cum, how to cum so fucking hard and long.

And then, the rest of you, the rest have to just edge, or ruin, while you listen to her have her first real orgasm. She’d describe how amazing it felt, how different it was to all her wasted years of unknowing ruins. And she wouldn’t be allowed to tell you the secrets I’ve taught her.

Perhaps the twist would be, in order to be taught, she has to promise that after that, she’ll go and endlessly edge to Cals Curse… ensuring that her first orgasm, is also her last.

Which would you pick I wonder. To be the one who gains and then loses her orgasms, or just to stay as you are and never know what it is to taste heaven before it’s snatched away.

Interesting, isn’t it.

This shouldn’t get you so wet you know.


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