Here’s a few ideas you can do with any wand style vibe:

  • Tape or tie it to your thigh against your clit and then lie back and hold your hands behind your head for as long as you can stand. Belts around your legs will work as in the picture below
  • Find something to hang the wand cord from the ceiling until it’s hanging 10cm above your clit when you lie beneath it. Then arch your back so you press it against the wand, but you’ll find it moves around and never stays in one place, it’s infuriating
  • wear tight jeans and edge through them using the wand
  • keep it off your clit, only push it hard against your cunt and see if you can edge from that
  • near when others are due home take yourself right to the edge and keep yourself there, you may only cum once the front door opens – even more fun if you do it somewhere less safe than your own room

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