The more I do this the more I learn that there is no ‘normal’ when it comes to the amazing complexity of our sexual responses and how our bodies and minds work.

It’s definitely unusual but I wouldn’t worry about it. I’d personally frame it as your own body enjoying teasing you and making you wait longer. Taking it slow can often be a great thing, many rush their playtime. But obviously life means sometimes you want to get it done quickly.

Also these things tend to come in seasons, you may find it changing over time. In fact I’d think that’s very likely.

If you’re not using toys then a good little vibe can often help you get there faster when you need to. 

Remember that you don’t have to get to the edge every time, just a little top up can keep the glow or denial going throughout the day. If you continue to find that’s the case, don’t stress about it, just do a few quickies and then take some proper time out to enjoy a long slow build to an edge.

I hope that helps

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