Five times, James, really?

I was awoken this morning with someone’s hand between my legs, and a statement. “Three plus five is eight.”

“Oh, and this doesn’t count.”

He spent about 40 minutes playing with me, squeezing and rubbing and nipping and all just not quite enough to get me off. Then he left for a run, and told me to get at least one done defore work.

Here’s how it went:

1) in bed, before shower

2) in the shower, using the detachable head thing

3) in the bathroom at work, with my fingers

4) in the bathroom in the local foodcourt, also with my fingers. I didn’t even remember too buy lunch, such was my level of distraction.

5) ahem. Also at work. I don’t want to say where.

6) on the couch, with a vibrator.

7) on the floor of the bedroom, with a dildo

8) in the drawing room, with professor…kidding. In the bath, with my fingers.

So far, so easy, right? (It wasn’t easy at all. I’m basically a ball of tension with arms and legs right now. I’m constantly wet, and thinking the most delraved thoughts constantly. Lying on the couch before #6, I realised I was playing with my nipples without even noticing.)

But then I talked to @female-orgasm-denial. And he decided 12 was a better number for today.


9) in (or on) bed, with a vibrator and my fingers.

10) with a suction cup dildo affixed to a mirror. Me on my hands and knees.

11) in the same position with a vibrator

12) cleaning the aforementioned dildo, still attached to the mirror with my mouth, and my fingers.

That last one is testament to how desperate I am now. And it’s only day 3 of December.

So. On top of all that, James “suggested” I send this to Sir:

Which I did.

To quote him, I’m in so much trouble.

All part of the service.
An amazing couple exploring denial, I do encourage you to follow their journey if you haven’t yet!

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