I’ve kind of been hinting at this, but I’m getting desperate. I know this might sound a bit crazy but hear me out. I NEED YOU to hear this, I need you to do something for me:


You know, I hope, that I love the whole teasing and denial thing, and I love everything we do with that. But I need more. I know you love making me cum, and that you think I need it but I don’t, what I crave is something, stricter, harder. It’s my biggest fantasy, and I hope by reading this you’ll understand better I mean it, I’m totally serious. Don’t let me cum. 

I do love cumming, it feels amazing, but even better than cumming, is not being allowed, YOU not letting me, YOU keeping me horny, it’s like a high, I crave it, I love how it makes me feel, so desperate, so horny, so alive.

Make me edge, make me pleasure you, use me to cum again and again and leave me aching and desperate, it’s what I NEED.

I want to feel safe, I want to feel safe to BEG, to cry, to plead to be allowed to cum, and to know you’ll say ‘no’. I promise, if I can’t handle it I’ll make that clear, use our safewords, or just talk to you straight about it. But otherwise, oh god, please, say no, be mean, keep me fucking aching for it. Tease me about it, rub it in my fucking face, and I will adore you for it.

Leave me aching with my head between your legs. Tell me you know what’s best, and it’s best I don’t cum. Tell me you love me horny and want to keep me that way. And I don’t mean just while we have sex. I want to be this way, a lot. Like all day, and more. I want to edge multiple times a day, I want you to use me and not even look to my pleasure sometimes, I want you to even tell me I’m not allowed to touch at all just to drive me even wilder on occasion.

I am a denial slut, this is my overriding passion. Cumming is good, not cumming is even better. Please, be strong, and don’t let me cum.

Do this for me and you’re giving me the greatest gift I can imagine. Thank you for hearing me out. My orgasms are yours, I love that. Don’t let me cum.

This note is from the leading Female Orgasm Denial website – female-orgasm-denial.tumblr.com. It’s been done at the request of our readers. If your partner has given it to you please take it seriously, these might not be their exact words but they’ve put a lot of thought and are taking a risk in giving it to you. Talk to them about it, have fun with it, they will love it so much.

You can find out a lot more about this increasingly popular kink at the website, and also have a look at why it’s the best kink you could hope for in a partner right here.

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