I have a question, So Ive been getting more and more into anal lately (because it feels nice and i can’t cum from it so… bonus) but i don’t have any toys I can use to explore this… and i can’t exactly go out and buy anything either… do you have any suggestions of what I should do? diy maybe??

I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying exploring, well done! If you can’t go out and buy a specific anal toy then there are definitely DIY toy options.

Remember the cardinal rule of anal toys, it HAS TO have a flange (wide bit) at the bottom that will stop it accidentally going up your bum. Don’t think ‘I’ll keep hold of it, it’ll be okay’. Because it won’t, and then, this will be you:


Yes they have to stick forceps up your bum. It will count among the most embarrassing and traumatic experiences of your life. Just don’t do it.

With that warning out the way we can focus on what’s good to use. The easy answer is the right hairbrush handle.

Nothing that has any type of seam or joint in it please. This will harbour bacteria but much more importantly, have a tendency to scratch inside you, which your ass is far more susceptible to than vaginas, and that can get infected. So nice and smooth, and non-porous is the way to go.

A brush butt plug buying guide:


This one isn’t suitable, it’s not a single smooth plastic handle, and it has a hole too, which you don’t want


This is a nice shape but wood, even varnished, isn’t great as it can be porous or non-body safe.


This is nearly there but not rounded enough throughout or at the end to be comfortable for your butt


And we have a winner!

Something like this is perfect, smooth rounded handle, one single piece, oh and boar bristles! (like we’re looking at that end…)

Here it is on Amazon but I’m sure you can find similar on any high street.

Personally I’d put a condom on it to keep cleaning easy but if it’s just smooth plastic then a wash with soap and hot water will do it, or a baby wipe as a first quick clean option followed by washing or an anti-bacterial/sex toy cleaner spray plus rinse later will be fine.

Two exceptions to the rule

If you need a DIY butt plug, something that doesn’t have a brush head attached to the other end, then one of the two exceptions to the ‘flange’ rule above is to use a tampon. This is because it has the string as the safety option should it get pulled in more than you want. Some people use them regularly after having an enema to prevent any leakage.

The key to using a tampon in your butt is lubricate the hell out of that thing. Otherwise it sucks your bumhole dry and is no fun at all. I tend to recommend something thick like vaseline coating it all, thinner lubes kind of work but soak in and make it swell up a bit. You want to use either a bullet shaped one with a nice strong string (or you’re going to be little miss x-ray again).


If you want to once it’s in you can even try getting it wet (leave the tail end unvaselined), so it swells up and stretches your ass a bit. But just take your time pulling it out if you do that, you don’t want the string snapping. Push like you’re pooing and it’ll pop out as you tug.

I’ve read that some plastic applicators work well too, but lubing those would be much harder.

if you haven’t lubed it enough and it’s feeling like it’s stuck because it dried you out a bit, just add a little water to unstick it and that should fix it.

The final non flanged thing that’s safe to stick up your butt?

A melting ice cube. 

It has to be melting, and needs to have lost any sharp edges. But if that’s the case, you can pop it up your bottom quite safely. Just be aware it will drop your temperature if you do too many and while your colon can absorb water, it might not absorb it all, so be near a loo if you’re putting several up there.

And finally

I’ve recommended electric toothbrushes as DIY vibrators, but if you get a soft bristled one then it can feel great back there too, the bristle bit as well as the back of it.


Olaf says hello!

Just, be very, very sure you don’t mix it up with one you’d use for your teeth…


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