Oh, we haven’t had a fantasy in a while, thank you!

I love this one, just imagine, after they’d locked you away somewhere safe and secure they’d explain there would be a lottery, it would be one of the ways the authorities used to keep the horny male population in order. Anyone convicted of a crime lost the chance to be in the lottery, to fuck you.

It was felt to be kinder to keep you horny all the time, so they’d chemically prevent you from having orgasms, so as man after man took you, you’d never be satisfied. 

But after a while, even that wasn’t enough, so new drugs were created, to heighten your libido, to turn you into the ultimate slut, fucking, sucking, aching to be used, 24/7.

For every single one of the men sliding inside you you’d know it was their only chance to ever be with a woman. ‘Eve’ they’d call you, those who worshipped you. The rest, just called you ‘The Whore’. 

Of course, every moment would be televised, those who weren’t lucky enough to win the lottery would spend their spare time watching you be fucked, jerking off as the lottery winners took their pleasure in you. Tens of thousands would hold off and cum just as your latest winner came. The thought of this turned you on more than you could express.

They told you that perfect life-sized sex-doll replicas of you were the most popular sex toy in the world. Millions of men were fucking you at any given moment.

It was an honour to serve, that’s what they told you, that’s what kept you going through the never ending fucking and use, the cum filled days and months. They told you you were a goddess, precious, one of a kind.

That’s what they told the other girls too.

Send in your fantasies, experience the thrill of knowing thousands of others are reading and getting off on them, and see how I turn your fantasy into a new twisted story.

Submit them to me here either in an ask (short but can be anonymous) or as a submission (log out and enter a fake email to make that anonymous too)

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