I adore that! Damn I love it when you guys share your fantasies like this. Not only are they so hot to read but they encourage everyone that it’s good and healthy to have them, and even better to share them, and it’s just so good for your mind and sex life to be exploring hot inventive fantasies like this.

I am imagining she’s your close friend. The one you had a crush on, well you still do, and oh god it’s only going to get worse now she controls your orgasms.

You figured you’d share your secret, maybe she’d open up, god maybe she’d even try it. And maybe, just maybe her super horny denied self might not be so uptight and straight, literally – something might happen.

But oh shit, that uptightness, turns out, the bitch is a natural domme. Your plan completely fails to get her into you, and instead fans the flames of her dominance. Every detail of your edging and denial pour out of your mouth and before you know your orgasms are hers.

She can’t wait to get back and tell her boyfriend everything, while you start on your first edge.

You are so fucked.

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